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The Artist

Raphael Perrier has been part of the Haute Coiffure scene for 15 years. He was born into hairdressing and cut his teeth in the family salon. His grandfather and father taught him the basics of the trade and its creative art. When he was 16 Raphael joined the French Coiffure team and quickly made his way up the ranks, gained his qualifications and won the French and European championships and finally the World championship
four times.

Alongside other renowned stylists, he does the hair of the big names in the international film world and takes part in the most important Haute Couture shows. Driven by creativity, he designs styles that amaze by their technicality, their originality and their state-of-the art good looks with that constant touch of glamour. His one-of-a-kind expertise gave birth to his own
“French” cutting techniques, which he teaches and exports worldwide. In addition, he made images and videos for the top international cosmetic brands, designed artistic but commercially viable collections.

Designing unprecedented styles for Le Roi Soleil and Mozart l’Opera Rock, gave Raphael an extensive expertise in hair volume and texture. This highly positive experience led Raphael
to design his own hair collections.

The Hair

The “Haute Coiffure”

The hair collection is the culmination of numerous drafts. The colors and cuts were not chosen at random - they are an accurate reflection of today's most fashionable “Haute Coiffure” trends. Tremendous effort has gone into creating these stylish, natural colors. The subtle effects at the roots give a light, natural result.

Working with top-notch manufacturers has enabled us to undertake unprecedented research using innovative materials. The cutting-edge cap is composed in part of a revolutionary, antibacterial material that was developed specifically for the Raphaël Perrier line.
Fabrics and linings were selected with the utmost care, and are of the highest quality, providing maximal comfort. The combination of natural hair and high heat fiber is also a key part of this range. The result and texture are exceptional.

The Raphaël Perrier hair collection is composed of 2 ranges:
11 styles from the Premium collection are available in a mix of human hair and high heat fiber.
5 styles from the Paris collection are available in 100% high heat fiber.